At BIT 2023 travel back on the rise thanks to sustainability and awareness

At BIT 2023 travel back on the rise thanks to sustainability and awareness

· In the three areas: Leisure, BeTech and MICE Village a broad representation of all Italian and international supply chains, with the best of an offer ready to respond to the new needs of travelers, will meet thousands of profiled buyers from all over the world, especially from the USA, Spain, France, Canada and Germany


· The Bringing Innovation Into Travel event format offers a rich schedule that ranges from the hottest trends, such as the metaverse, augmented reality, 4.0 and digital nomads, to professionally oriented workshops for operators


· A cross-cutting recurring theme throughout the event will be the great attention to sustainability, inclusiveness, diversity and awareness, now part of Fiera Milano's DNA, translated into proposals for a traveler who wants to experience destinations respectfully and authentically



Milan, 29 November 2022Travel is experiencing important changes. Today more than ever it is important to create or strengthen relationships and update one's knowledge. To effectively support operators and travelers in their evolution, the industry's benchmark event in Italy returns from Sunday 12 February to Tuesday 14 February 2023 at Allianz MiCo: BIT - International Tourism Exchange.




Great representation of all supply chains


In addition to confirming itself as the world's first marketplace for the Italian product, BIT 2023 unites a wide representation of all supply chains under one roof, including Italian regions, foreign tourism boards, consortiums, private operators, hospitality companies and carriers.


At BIT 2023, sellers will present the best of an offering capable of responding to the evolving needs of travelers in a setting that combines a complete picture of the industry with vertical insights and focuses on emerging niches, thanks to three macro exhibition areas: Leisure with proposals from destinations and operators, BeTech for digital services and start-ups, and the MICE Village entirely dedicated to business travel.


Hundreds of highly profiled buyers are expected from around the world, with particularly numerous attendances, respectively, from the USA, Spain, France, Canada and Germany. Other major markets represented include Poland, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the Netherlands.


The great attention to sustainability, which is now part of Fiera Milano's DNA, will be the recurring theme of BIT 2023 with proposals for an increasingly attentive traveler who wants to experience the destination not "as a tourist," but with the same respect and authenticity as the locals: from slow tourism to affordable luxury, from bleisure to nature and the outdoors.




Tools for knowledge, tools for growth


The Bringing Innovation Into Travel event format, which has enjoyed great success in recent years thanks to a range of events from meetings with major international figures to business-development workshops inspired by the macro-themes Megatrends, Innovation, Sustainability, Quality and Inclusion, will return with updates as well.


Major trends will be featured in appointments such as Territories and metaverse, an analysis of how virtual experience can lead the way for the real world, or, from a slow and sustainable perspective, Nature Tourism: the awareness of “useful” travelers, to enhance the impact on territories of the growing desire to be immersed in nature. There will be no shortage of insights into the most promising segments such as The era of bleisure: not only for work, a hybrid travel formula that is experiencing a revival after the pandemic, or Incoming and proximity tourism, an opportunity to imagine the territory as a reservoir of sustainable experiences.


Appointments dedicated to the Italian product include, for example, Made in Italy, great events and territory, which will present the future Italian tourism from the viewpoint of its leading players, or MICE, high-end Italy, to interpret the business tourism opportunities in a more luxury key, or Pnrr [National Recovery and Resilience Plan] and tourism planning of the territories, which will take a look at the potential of the Plan for tourism.


Technology and digital transformation are another major challenge for the sector, and numerous dedicated events are on the agenda. These include 4.0 technologies and augmented reality in The new tools that will change travel forever, as well as Digital Nomads: the new challenge of destinations, with new proposals and start-ups to enhance the growing segment of remote professionals, or Travel technology, success starts with seamless travel, a discussion on how to automate processes with an eye on sustainability and CSR.


The new #seviaggisivede project, a format conceived by BIT that highlights the transformation of the travel experience through the live voices of well-known personalities as well as private travelers continues on social media, and can also be found on the website.


To exhibit at BIT 2023 explore this page of the website. To find out how to visit, see this page.


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