The summer that never ends: traveling in September

The summer that never ends: traveling in September

The month of August did not spell the end of vacations. The data speak for themselves, there were many Italians who chose September to travel, moved by milder temperatures and lower costs.

There are 9.8 million Italians who have chosen September to take a break and book a trip in a month that has always been considered "shoulder time." According to Coldiretti/Ixè, compared to last year, September tourist travel has increased by 11%- thanks to favorable weather and more affordable prices thus ending the 2023 summer season with 37.5 million Italians having taken at least one vacation break. According to these data, therefore, positive expectations with respect to the period have come true, thus elevating September to a peak month as well.


After all, at the end of the season, another fact is relevant. In fact, as the Assoturismo Confesercenti survey explains, the main set-back in tourist flows this year depended mainly on the decline in Italian movements (a decrease of -5.7%). On the contrary, international tourism has recorded steadily growing numbers, with an increase in foreign travelers to Italy of 3.6% -- among whom U.S. tourists stand out (17.3%), followed by Spanish (4.9%), French (4.2%) and Canadians (3.6%) -- confirming the Bel Paese as a more than attractive destination on the international scene.


There was also an absolute figure of 207 million total overnight stays for the summer 2023, with a significant rate of online accommodation bookings at 43.3%; a rate that saw many of Italy's art cities achieve very satisfactory occupancy results: Florence (81.3%), Naples (81.0%) and Rome (80.4%) lead the ranking with an OR above 80%.


Although seaside resorts remain undisputed destinations due to the pleasant temperature and less crowded beaches, tourism related to nature and food and wine is on interesting levels again this year, according to Coldiretti, aided by the traditional activities of the month, such as the beginning of the grape harvest or mushroom picking in the woods, thus greatly enhancing the restaurant and guesthouse activities of holiday farms, which have gathered nearly 1 million users to date.