Israel: an avant-garde destination increasingly popular with Italians

Israel: an avant-garde destination increasingly popular with Italians

Israel is a historical presence at BIT. With its wide-ranging tourist offer, it has a special connection with Italy, whose flows of travelers to the “young country” are increasing.

Among the participants at BIT, Israel represents a historical presence, a country that has been an aficionado of the fair since its first edition in 1980. Israel's connection with the event has evolved steadily over the years, with as many as 12 co-exhibitors in the 2023 edition, twice as many as the previous year.


This close connection of the young country with BIT is certainly not a coincidence: the Milan-based expo is an important opportunity for participating organizations to promote local tourism and the cultural beauty of their territory. This, together with targeted promotional campaigns, has contributed to the considerable interest of Italian travelers in Israeli resorts over time.


In fact, as pointed out by Kalanit Goren, Director of the Israeli National Tourist Office, during BIT2023, “The boot-shaped peninsula occupies fifth position for the Israeli country in the international tourism rankings, so it has become crucial to expand the link with Italian operators in all tourism brands”.


The 2022-2023 figures seem to confirm this close relationship: in January 2023, 257,400 tourist entries from Italy to Israel were recorded, and in the first month of this year alone, as many as 11.7 thousand Italians decided to visit the country, compared to 8 thousand in the same month last year.


The surge is facilitated both by the increase in air travel connections (117 weekly flights) and by a policy of promoting the area by the Israel Tourism Board, which promotes Israel as a young country for young people.


After all, as CBS states, 28% of the country's population is between 0 and 14 years old and only 12% are over 65. Moreover, being structured and conceived around avant-garde architecture and proposals, attentive to environmental protection and respect for resources, it presents itself to all intents and purposes as a modern and cosmopolitan state, a reservoir of different peoples and cultures: a Start-up Nation, daily engaged in research and development, from the medical field to that of sustainability.


Israel's participation in the BIT opens the door to the discovery of a fascinating territory, rich in historical sites of great importance, breathtaking landscapes and a welcoming and warm atmosphere. It is a valuable opportunity that allows all visitors to broaden the horizon of their tourist choices, through a wide range of unforgettable experiences among the holy sites of Jerusalem, the desert landscapes of the Negev and fascinating cities, such as the very modern Tel Aviv or Haifa, the city of Bahai hanging gardens.


The intention of BIT is to create a bridge between different cultures that share a history of exchange, knowledge, and traditions. It intends to foster greater dialogue and cooperation from both a cultural and economic perspective: the Italian market is a central and strategic hub for Israeli tourism, and this synergy can foster trade, investment, and new business opportunities.


The appointment with Israel is scheduled at BIT2024 at fieramilanocity from Sunday 04 to Tuesday 06 February 2024.