Bringing Innovation Into Travel: future is the destination for BIT 2022

Bringing Innovation Into Travel: future is the destination for BIT 2022

At BIT 2022, technology, digitalization and sustainability are of great importance, the red thread running through all five macro-areas of the event schedule. The most relevant trends will be sustainability, digital transformation, 'workation' - a nomadic mix of vacation and work - and the return of big-time travel. For the first time Netflix will be part of the schedule.


“Bringing Innovation Into Travel”: this is the title of the event schedule at BIT 2022 - organized by Business International Fiera Milano - which will be even richer in conferences, conventions and in-depth seminars.


The key will be sustainable innovation, declined in five macro-areas: Food Travel, Hot Topics, Sustainability, Travel Lab and Travel Tech. The common thread will be “Bringing Innovation Into Travel”.


Of great interest are the panels that will also feature Google and Netflix.


Under the spotlight, the conference “The Google Observatory on Digital Tourism - 70% of bookings are online: maximizing sales, without affecting margins”.  With the pandemic, the world of tourism has changed dramatically. Nowadays more than 70% of the people are booking and searching for information online. Whether it's transportation or accommodations, aggregators have seen their relevance increase, impacting the margins of industry players. During the Observatory we will analyse how to focus traffic directly on one’s own website, strategically using the information available and the tools that Google offers to businesses. 


The Hot Topics section consolidates the success of the 2021 digital edition, with the participation of authoritative Italian and international speakers. The event “The impact of the arrival of the metaverse in the travel industry” will analyse the social theme of the moment with experts and players in the industry: the impact of the arrival of the metaverse in the travel industry.


“The Reality of Space Travel: Players, First Departures, Expanding the Customer Experience” will introduce another headline topic: the adventurous departure of travellers without astronauts on board. During the conference we will take stock of the actual situation, in the present and in the near future.


Among the themes of the Food Travel area, dedicated to food and wine tourism, the event 'Food and wine tourism, greener, more inclusive and social' will explain how the traveller is interested in green experiences.


Travel Lab will be dedicated to the increased professionalism of operators. The focus will be on next-generation topics such as ‘Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Marketing in the Food and Beverage Business’, which will discuss the application of algorithms to optimise resources.


Travel tech will address the importance of technology in tourism. Among the topics: ‘Why big data is critical in the tourism industry and how to turn it into an essential lever’.


Finally, events in the Sustainability macro-area will focus on sustainability as a cross-cutting topic. One of the topics will be 'Pnrr and territorial business networks: the great opportunity for circular development', while sustainability as a social issue will be addressed in 'Travel as an ethical approach to the territory and its resources'.



BIT 2022 will take place at fieramilanocity from Sunday 10 to Tuesday 12 April 2022.

For more information:, IG @bitMilano.